Deep Learning Demo

AI Can even run in your browser, no gpu,no crazy hardware.

Utilizing ConvnetJS 

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This demo follows the description of the Deep Q Learning algorithm described in In this demo, a 2D agent that has 9 eyes pointing in different angles ahead and every eye senses 3 values along its direction (up to a certain maximum visibility distance): distance to a wall, distance to a green thing, or distance to a red thing. The agent navigates by using one of 5 actions that turn it different angles. The red things are apples and the agent gets reward for eating them. The green things are poison and the agent gets negative reward for eating them. The training takes about a half hour with the current parameter settings.

Over time, the agent learns to avoid states that lead to states with low rewards, and picks actions that lead to better states instead.

(Takes ~10 minutes to train with current settings.)

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