I Need My Hard Drive Replaced or Upgraded

US Digital Sciences Corporation is here to work with you on any replacement or an upgrade. But we recognize that you may want to do it yourself. We’re always available for advice.

You’ll need to replace the hard drive in your PC for one of two reasons – either your current drive has experienced a hardware failure and needs replacement, or you want to upgrade your primary hard drive for increased speed or capacity.

Here’s some info on the types of hard-drives:

  • SATA drives are faster than the traditional standard drives, and with the low prices of this type of storage more people are looking to it for space to store all of those music or photo files they have been collecting.
  • PATA drives were the traditional standard drive for more than a decade. They were designed to be inexpensive and commercially common technology.
  • Solid-state drives are based on FLASH memory, more or less just like the little USB thumb drive you probably carry around. Their primary advantage over standard hard drives is their lack of moving parts. Whereas a standard hard drive is a mechanical device with lots of tiny components is subject to damages such as impact shock, repetitive motion wear, and eventual magnetic failure, a solid-state drive is an electronic device that requires no moving parts and because of such does not suffer the same wear and tear.

Here’s How USDSC Does It:

Our technicians first makes sure there is no power to the machine. Then they remove the cover to gain access to inner compartments of the computer. Once we locate the Hard Drive inside, we will remove screws and cables connecting the Hard Drive to Computer frame. We then determine the type of Hard Drive, and order a new compatible Hard Drive. Once we install the new Hard Drive, we can then restore the connections along with all the software functions.

We always recommend you have a professional handle this work, when you need to be sure your data is safe. Call us now if you want to make your decision with our expert advice.