Marketing Management

Getting you to #1 On All Search Engines

We have been doing just that for years and it is easy. We ensure that you have original content and provide you with dedicated staff that can work on any budget to either support what you have, or create it for you. What we do is NEVER “canned” so that your business never runs the same content as any other business and that helps our clients stay #1. Our programmers have been recognized worldwide and understand the requirements (algorithms) of the search engines. As a result, when they change we change to keep you on top.

Step 1. Call us 1-877-243-8769

Step 2. We will analyze your current digital marketing infrastructure

Step 3. Together start getting you new business

Let us do the work…

The first thing we will do is analyze your Web site and current strategies. The most effective marketing starts with you and your ideas. Our team is going to first listen to your goals and together help you decide which process works best for you and your business.

We can get you to the top using the following methods…
  • Advertising such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc…
  • Display Advertising
  • Internal SEO, making sure your content meets the programming requirements to get you to #1
    Keywords, Tags, etc…

Online Marketing Management

We manage everything for you understanding that the needs of the search engines are constantly changing. We understand those changes and often know what will be happening well in advance. As a result, we plan ahead and THAT is what keeps you at #1.


USDSC is here to help you have your business shine online. We can help your website have the highest rank possible! We could help boost your website effectiveness.
In the competitive world of Online Marketing, you could effectively prompt your business without a monthly fee. The implementation of Organic Techniques could insure a higher ranking website. Organic Marketing generally covers Key-wording and Meta- Descriptions. USDSC will expand your internet footprint!


Let USDSC make sure that you get the most from your Paid Marketing website! Make the most profit without spending the most money. We are on your side!
Never go over your budget! We could help you with your Pay Per Click. Make the most profit without overpaying. USDSC could research ideal time for your site so that you can have the most clicks!


Match up with the most people for your Social Marketing needs! We could get your business out there. USDSC would like to work with you in effort to raise your site visits! Get people to see what you have! Match up your interesting happenings with what people will talk about. Let USDSC help you get it out there. We could help your site go viral in a matter of clicks! Get the most you deserve out of social media. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are not a problem!
Call US Digital Sciences Corporation for help with your social marketing needs. You can reach us at 1-877-243-8769. We are your TEAM for success!

Video Marketing

For businesses trying to attract new customers, a website and Facebook page have become essential—and, increasingly, so have online videos. According to Cisco’s 2011 Visual Networking Index, visits to Internet videos will constitute 52% of all consumer Internet traffic in North America in 2016, reflecting a whopping projected 25-fold increase from 2011.

With thousands of videos uploaded to hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo each day, to produce a video that is likely to be seen and become viral becomes increasingly difficult. Because competition for video views is so high, it is important that your video is original, high quality, and unique. Whiteboard animation is definitely a unique video format that many companies have yet to discover. Being that it is not common for viewers to see animations created right before their eyes through video, most viewers are likely to talk about this interesting video medium with others, sharing it through social networks, talking about it, and just being curious about it.

Video is a powerful way to show instruction or present emotional content. Videos often show up in the search results, allowing you to gain more website visitors by dominating your market’s natural search results.