Social Media

USDSC’s social media experts develop personal relationships with our customers to gain a better understanding of you and your business. By maintaining this relationship, we are able to create fresh and appealing ads that are genuine to you and your specialties. We create client friendly ad formats that are designed to capture the attention of potential clients on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus. Our social media marketing services will build your clientele by increasing local exposure and brand awareness.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Razor sharp targeting:
    Go after users based on location, demographics (age, gender and education), interests and pages they like, and behaviors (spot early adopters, or specific phone users). We can even target based on connections – such as people who are connected to your page, as well as their friends.
  2. Tracking & Pinpoint Conversions Accurately:
    Use Facebook’s own native pixel tracker, to let you understand whether conversions came from paid or organic channels. Additionally, we can spot exactly where someone who converted first saw your ad (mobile or desktop) – and where they ended up converting. This gives a truer picture of mobile ad spend ROI – and means we can see and attribute every touch point on the journey to conversion, across any platform.
  3. It’s Inexpensive:
    Don’t have a large budget? You’d be surprised how many views you can get for a low budget! If your campaign has a specific purpose, and you have goals that you can quantify with Facebook ads, you should definitely consider signing up with USDSC for a Facebook Campaign. These are especially useful for smaller B2C companies and those targeting a very particularly demographic or geographic area.