To all users who are using Windows XP, there has been talk that Microsoft will stop updating and supporting their free anti-malware software — Microsoft Security Essentials. April 8, 2014 is the magic date that will end anti-malware and engine to Windows XP. Microsoft has been pushing people to upgrade from XP to one of the three newer operating systems they have developed: Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Microsoft says that running a anti-malware an unsupported system is not a good solution against threats. They encourage using software that is supported and updated to ward away this virus infested world.

When anti-malware software is updated, it will recognize the newest viruses and can remove them off the system. The world of viruses is expanding, sadly, and there are new ones that are developed every day. Microsoft recommends updating to newer software that will be updated regularly, using modern technology, and checking for security updates. If you are dead set on using Windows XP, there are third party applications that can be paid for and used. Microsoft Security Essentials is a great resource for protection against viruses because it’s nicely integrated into the system and is a very lightweight client.

As tough as it might seem, upgrading to a new operating system if you choose to go that route, is really not as bad as you may think! Things will work just as well, if not better on newer technology and a modern operating systems. Microsoft Security Essentials is used by PMX Computing, so our recommendation is upgrading to stay protected. The computer world, in regards to viruses and malware is expanding and it’s important to stay updated!

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