(Xbox One vs Playstation 4)

This holiday season brings about the tough decision between purchasing a Microsoft Xbox One or a Sony Playstation 4 – “There can only be one!” Most people have picked sides with what company they want to stay with, but there is a small portion that enjoy both consoles. Each console has their upgrades and changes, so it can be hard to chose which is best suited for your interests.

Sony’s Playstation 4: Gorgeous Gaming

The PS4 rings up to be $400, has a 500GB built-in hard drive, 8 core CPU, and a AMD Radeon graphic card. We of course can’t forget the DUALSHOCK 4 controller, which has now been optimized. This newly engineered controller still keeps the same feel of the older DUALSHOCK 3, but has some changes: a touchpad in the center, grips and elevation on the analogue sticks, a light bar on the backside, the triggers have concave insets to comfort your fingers, and small but powerful speakers embedded within. The PS4 can be coupled with a Playstation Camera, which in turn will work together with the light bar on the controller. This feature will provide motion / position sensing, and controller orientation.

The Playstation menu has always been very clean, homely, and very user friendly. The customizable menu allows for quick access to recently played games and allows the user to stay connected with their friends. Updating software and installing downloadable content for games has become minimalistic instead it’s snuggled right on the home screen instead of buried behind menus. Are you away from your beloved console? Well now you can still be connected to purchase and download games for your PS4 through a new Playstation Network app for your iPhone and Android smartphone.

Gaming with PS4 is much more powerful than before. The new processor and graphic card make a big difference with performance. Crystal clear 1080p resolution make games breathtakingly realistic and looks amazing on a massive flatscreen. New PS4 games will take advantage of the new light bar and touchpad on the controller: in shooting games the user can use the touchpad to flip between weapons. That 500GB hard drive will be filled with games that are automatically installed as soon as the user slips in the game’s CD. Although, each game could be about 30 GB, so you must keep an eye on the hard drive space. The new PS4 has made it quick and easy to delete and reinstall games to alleviate this potential problem.

Sony’s Playstation 4 is a concrete console solely made for a better gaming experience: it’s all about the games!

Microsoft’s Xbox One: Media Masterpiece

The Xbox One price tag will read $500 and contains 500GB of hard drive space, 8GB of RAM, 8GB of Flash Memory, has a 8 core CPU, and has been upgraded specifically for media entertainment. The Xbox operating system has evolved to look more like the Windows 8 operating system, and the way it works is very similar. A key feature that Microsoft is integrating with daily use and gaming is the Kinect webcam, which comes when you buy the console. The Kinect has some neat features of it’s own: gesture recognition, speech recognition, and people recognition. Hand movements that the camera can recognize will bring you through different menus and select applications, although this component can be faulty. Talking to your Xbox might sound crazy, but with the proper commands it will do as told: starting up the Xbox “Xbox: ON”, navigation through menus, and selecting applications or games are just some of the things the voice recognition will do. People recognition is a component that will turn on the Xbox when a user walks into a room, which can be a slight inconvenience if the user is just popping into the room quickly. There is more than one feature for “people recognition” included with the Xbox One. It’s used in Microsoft’s fitness game which can help track the user’s health, muscle activity and heart rate while exercising with the Xbox. The developers at Microsoft are exploring and engineering new ways to use the Kinect to its full advantage.

Another cool new media usage that Microsoft engineered is combining the cable box with the Xbox, creating a media hybrid and making it easier to get to your live television. They wanted to make it easier on the user. Now the user doesn’t have to switch inputs to access the cable anymore! Although, Microsoft didn’t integrate DVR services so if you rely on your DVR, it would be best if you kept your Xbox and cable box separate. Xbox One is still capable of gaming. Xbox’s famous controller, which has gotten great review on control level, hasn’t changed too much except for the directional pad movement and design. To play a game, users must have it installed onto the hard drive, but the system will allow for game play while downloading. The Xbox One has leveled up when it comes to graphics: things are much cleaner, clearer, and more realistic.

Both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 have their upgrades and are both amazing systems. Bottom line: if that special someone is more of a gamer, go for a Playstation 4. If they are more media driven, go for a Xbox One. Happy Gaming!

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