The Future of Exercising

During your workout have you wondered: “What muscles am I working?” “How much energy am I using?” “Are my muscles getting worked too much or too little?” “What’s my oxygen intake and heart rate?” The anatomy of a workout and these questions motivated two University of Waterloo students to develop new exercising/body monitoring technologies. This breakthrough technology is called Athos.

The two students got $3.5 million in funding from Social Capital that went to development. Researching body, science and monitoring, they found that the most effective way of tracking muscle movement was through electromyography, EMG. The technique and technology will pick up electrical signals that muscles produce. This is normally monitored by electro sensor pads that stick to the skin and gives way to biological processes that can be manipulated for muscular rehabilitation purposes.

Athos doesn’t stick to your skin. Athos is a lightweight Under Armour type garment that will do all this extensive monitoring (compression long sleeve, and bike short/leggings.) The fabric will take muscle data that is sent to the main module that is located on the arm for women and the chest for men. This main module is called the “core” and clicks into the garment. All information that is generated in the “core” is transmitted to the mobile app to display muscle output, heart rate, oxygen intake, and breathing. The core also contains 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer that provide information on orientational awareness, 2 LEDs to indicate status, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 10 hour battery. The real processing technology is kept a secret. This garment is sweat, water, and sport drink resistant.

The software is graphical. It displays different colors on the body to portray what muscles are working, over working, not working, or underworking. The mobile app will also display the important numbers and will give you tips on what should be tweaked for a better workout. The application will give you personalized workout feedback to what kind of activity you are doing and other information given. Athos wants you to take care of your body and not over exhaust it, but also get the best possible output.

Although Athos won’t be ready for your athletic someone on your gift list for the holiday season, it will be out in spring 2014. It is being sold for $99 per garment and the “core” is $199. The future in exercise and anatomy monitoring is coming fast with new technologies and ideas developing!

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